Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Olivia and the horses-

On our way home from work/daycare everyday we take a route that enables us to drive past some stables and there are these 6 horses that stand by the fence. Olivia LOVES these horses!! We open up her door and let her point and babble at/to them and then she waves goodbye. We have planned on asking if she can touch the horses if we ever see anyone there (there are VERY specific signs saying not to touch the grass, fence or horses). We were driving home on Monday and stopped to see the horses and someone stopped at the stable, so we asked if Olivia could touch the horses. Even though she wasn't the owner of those horses she said the owner wouldn't mind as long as we didn't feed them or go into the pen. She invited us to come and pet her horse while we were there and we jumped at the opportunity!