Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lollipop and Bunny Hop

I found more cute pictures that I haven't posted.  These were taken in October.

Later that night, we went for a walk and I taught Olivia the Bunny Hop.  She didn't do it exactly right, but she was so cute that I like her version better!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Saturday Surprise - Disney On Ice!!

This past Saturday, we took Olivia to see Disney on Ice: 100 Years Celebration.  Until this point, Olivia had only seen movies or gone into the Disney Store (which is quite an event in itself).  We didn't tell her what we had planned, just that she was getting a surprise.

Here's Daddy and Livy walking to the Civic Coliseum.
 Livy giving a big, cheesy smile.
 Check out Daddy's cool Boeing sweatshirt.
 Me and my little girl.
Olivia sporting her ears and holding her Nemo cup.  They were overpriced, but she loved them so it was worth the money. 
 Daddy is getting into Disney-Mode.
 Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald were just starting to skate out.
 She spots Mickey!!
 Aladdin and Genie
Finding Nemo.
Finding Nemo still
 Beauty and the Beast
 Little Mermaid

It was VERY dark so you can't see the ice skaters or Olivia very well, but I'm posting them anyway because they made me smile.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Fun at Tumblebears

So independent!!  She has reached a point where she insists on picking out her clothing each day.  Thankfully, she is very big into matching everything.

The only funny part that you can't see in the picture are the "denim" leggings on under her knee socks.

Sound asleep

I love watching her sleep.  She looks so peaceful.  The only bad thing was that this was taken about 25 minutes before we had to leave.  I had already woken her up...TWICE.

And later that night...

In order to eat the requested soup and sandwich for dinner, she had to put on her gown.  The gloves did come off, which she replaced with bracelets.

If you didn't notice on the previous post, her shirt says "The Princess Has Arrived".  Boy, has she!!!

The Gloved One

Olivia is such a little girly girl and loooooves to play dress up.  A few nights ago she dug out her Ariel necklace (it sings the part where Ariel is singing for Ursula so she can be human), little clip on earrings and some gloves.  You can tell she was very pleased with her appearance.

 She is singing along with the necklace or, at least, trying.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


This year Olivia was a Candy Corn Witch.

If you asked her what to say at each person's door her response was, "Ha ha ha (said in an Olivia witch voice), give me your candy."
 Olivia at daycare with Jamie.
 Olivia's Trick-or-treating buddies (from left to right - Ava, Caitlin, Olivia, Isabel). 

 This one was taken by Krisa (which I just noticed is the same as my first picture of all four girls, but from a different angle)>

Olivia and Chris's favorite moment of the whole night was when (long story short) Mommy went to poke the FAKE zombie's face only to have the REAL zombie costumed person grab my hand.  I say, it's not Halloween until someone screams like a little girl.

Stepping on my heinie (or something like that...)

Silvermist in the garden

 This is my favorite.