Thursday, November 3, 2011


This year Olivia was a Candy Corn Witch.

If you asked her what to say at each person's door her response was, "Ha ha ha (said in an Olivia witch voice), give me your candy."
 Olivia at daycare with Jamie.
 Olivia's Trick-or-treating buddies (from left to right - Ava, Caitlin, Olivia, Isabel). 

 This one was taken by Krisa (which I just noticed is the same as my first picture of all four girls, but from a different angle)>

Olivia and Chris's favorite moment of the whole night was when (long story short) Mommy went to poke the FAKE zombie's face only to have the REAL zombie costumed person grab my hand.  I say, it's not Halloween until someone screams like a little girl.

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Krisa said...

... And it was you that screamed like a little girl this year! It was def the highlight of Halloween!