Friday, December 31, 2010

All aboard the Choo Choo train

Before the movie, we went for a fun filled train ride around the mall.

Movie Time!!

Today, Olivia and her friend, Piper Belle, saw their first movie in the theater. Piper's mom, Courtney (small world, I know), and I chose Tangled. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend running out and seeing it first chance you get!! The girls did AMAZING!!! We were so proud of how well they both sat and actually watched the movie. Olivia fell asleep with about 10 minutes left, but Piper was totally enraptured. I wonder what we'll see next...?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Later Christmas Evening...

In the middle of the kitchen, someone was fighting the Battle of Slumberville.

Christmas in Cookeville

On December 26th, we went to Cookeville to celebrate Christmas with Chris's family.  My dad was able to fly up on Christmas day so that was a nice surprise!

Chris and his uncle Zach
Bebe cutting up some veggies for dipping

The Flamingo Tree
Olivia thought the red flamingo with a top hat and glittery red vest looked like daddy.  Weird.



Both Chris and Chad got remote-controlled helicopters.  They promptly got one stuck on the roof.

We have retrieval.
Chad with the acquisition.
Lauren, Olivia, me, Ella Jane and Caylin

Ella Jane and Olivia playing with Barbies