Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve!!!

Our Christmas Eve started going to our friends' house, the Murphys, where we ate WAY too much delicious food.  I'd list it all, but then you'd be jealous and I don't want that....deep-fried turkey...oops!

Here are all of the kids.

And here are all the ladies.  I'm taking one for the team by posting this picture.  Also, Janis stole my daughter....

Here are the fellas deep-frying the turkey.

Here's my cheeseball.  She has started with this new super cheese smile when a camera is present.

The Neal Family.  Thank you Janis!

Emily and Olivia (who is rocking the "mommy hip hoist")

Here she is with her cookies and milk for Santa!  Thank you again Janis (and Shawn) for saving the day with cookies!

Sampling the goods

Santa was working until 2

1 comment:

janis said...

You were so generous with the cookies......Santa got two from us! :) I did add some carrots for the reindeer, though.