Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Big Weekend for Olivia!!

This past weekend was a big one for Olivia!! It started on Friday morning when we met up with Olivia's cyster, Cara, and her husband, Patrick, and the ever-lovable, Shiner. First, we met up for breakfast at Mimi's Cafe (which is always delicious) and then we took them to a park so Shiner could get out of the car and move around and, BOY, did he!!! That dog can run and run and run (and poop)!!

Shiner running after the tennis ball and Olivia confused as to where the dog went to...."He was just right here"...

"Did you see a giant black dog go this way?"

How to spell the sound of wind whipping by you?
"I'm gonna get him!!!"
"Oh, thank you for catching the dog for me."
"Did you see? I pet the big doggy!!"
The award for The Cutest Couple goes too...Cara and Patrick!
I think Patrick is trying to even out the heights a little bit and Shiner is happy to be reunited with his tennis ball. Not that you would know it by looking at Patrick, but it was literally 20 degrees outside!!
After looking at these pictures, I realize that I don't have any pictures of Chris with Cara and Patrick. She took some pictures so hopefully she got one. If not, there's always next time!!
Saturday morning, Olivia woke up professing this! Patrick made quite the impression on Olivia -Cara better watch out!!!

Back to Friday. We met up with our friends Janis, Shawn and Emily (Olivia's bestie) and Janis's niece, Janis for Mexican food.
The Best Friends

Olivia giving one of the hundred kisses she gave to Emily and Janis.

On Saturday, our next door neighbors had a birthday party for their son turning 3!

Here is Olivia channeling her fire-fighting Elton John.

Here she is working on her strut.
On Sunday, Bebe and Papa came to visit but I forgot to get out the camera. I'm sorry!!
It was a big weekend that left Olivia worn out, but super happy.


Katelyn said...

She did have a busy weekend. I am so glad you and Cara got to meet!!

Janis said...

The video is just way too cute! Love the pics with her "BFF". She would make Elton proud

Somer Love said...

Too funny! Yep Cara better watch out she loves Patrick ;)

So glad you guys got to meet!!

Froggymama said...

Oh, I'm jealous, wish we could have been there to play with you guys and Shiner!