Thursday, July 1, 2010

Poopy day~

We had the pleasure of spending the evening in the ER. Olivia got constipated and was quite impacted so after x-rays it was time for an warm milk and molasses enema (her second-first was a year ago).  She's passed everything and it totally wiped out!! 

Here's my poor little girl enjoying a popsicle.

Ok, I've been a horrible slacker lately. Big things have occurred that I've neglected to blog about.

Last Thursday, Olivia had her third bronchoscopy.  The doctor said there was more mucous than he expected because she always sounds so clear and I believe he has said that after each bronch. This bronch was done as outpatient (which was different) and they decided to wait to see what/if she cultured before placing a PICC line since she hasn't cultured anything for a year. Monday, we got the results that she only grew normal respiratory flora and some influenza (which is totally normal)!! The Cipro they already started her on would take care of the flu, so she's good for the next year.  No PICC-I am totally over the moon!

TMI NOTICE!  Poopoo talk is below.
Over the weekend, the combination of Miralax and Cipro gave her horrible diarrhea (duh) so I stopped the Miralax completely for Sunday and Monday. By  Tuesday when she went to the bathroom she was seriously straining and daycare called to tell us that there was blood in her diaper.  So we get there and I open the diaper and the poo was about the size and diameter of a golfball (ouch!!)-it was also pretty hard. The blood was from a tear from passing the stool.  I told them to do a half dose of Miralax hoping that would correct the issue. At this point, she's gone once on Monday and Tuesday each and she normally goes 2-3 times daily. So this morning when we dropped her off, I told them to add more than a half dose but as you read earlier that wasn't enough either. How do you go from diarrhea to ER enema in TWO DAYS!?!  This afternoon Jamie, Olivia's teacher/family friend, calls me to tell me that Olivia has gone, but this one is super hard and her butt looks weird.  While she's talking to me I can hear Olivia screaming and crying in the background and Jamie sounded totally upset and freaked out. I had her send me a picture and Livy's rectum had prolapsed. Olivia wasn't crying by the time we got there so we took her home to get a better look and assessment. They saved the diaper for me and it wasn't a lot, but it had to hurt! It looked like dry clay from the ground-so hard!!  So after attempting and failing to give her an enema we decided that it was in all of our best interests to go to the hospital.  I will spare you the rest of the evening. She got her enema, passed everything, is probably permanently traumatized (I sure as heck am) and is now fast asleep. I think I'll join her...

I'm glad today is over!

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Lovin Lane said...

Poor baby, and poor you.... I would totally freak out... Has never happened to us and i frankly hope it never does... I have seen others say oh no biggie... well let me tell that would be a biggie to me that is for sure.... Hope your tomarrow is much much brighter....