Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Disney Day 3

On Day 3, we went to Animal Kingdom. I'm not including animal pictures since this isn't their blog.
Do you think she's excited?
 Happily waiting for the bus to bring us to the park.
 Also, waiting for the bus.
At Tusker House, she met Donald Duck,
 Daisy Duck and...
 The big guy himself...MICKEY MOUSE!!!!
 She's showing him that he's on her t-shirt
 which he thought was awesome
 and, therefore, loved on her some more.
 "Oh my God!!!  I met Mickey Mouse!!!"
On the Kilimanjaro Safari.
She saw a monkey and wanted a picture taken with it for Uncle Ian. 
 We were walking around and a one of the employees (or Cast Member as they are called) told us there were some people to meet down the trail.  We followed the trail and she met Winnie the Pooh,
 and Tigger!
We walked around a little more and stumbled upon Pocahontas!
 We rode Triceratop Spin.
 When we came back to our hotel room, we saw that the cleaning ladies had arranged a little diorama with Olivia's stuffed animals.
After doing treatment and Olivia taking a very long nap, we were ready to go to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Olivia was Aurora (Sleeping Beauty which after the nap she took was pretty appropriate), Chris was a chef
 and mommy was a witch.  Leave your comments at the door.
I promised Olivia that as soon as we got to the party, we would get a tiara.  She chose one with flashing lights.  If you're going to wear a tiara it should definitely have lights on it.
 At the party she met the Space Ranger we all love...Mr. Buzz Lightyear!
 We found The Mad Hatter and he was super silly.
 The map for the party showed where characters were waiting and there was one that I couldn't find.  I asked one of the cast members where the location was and they told me it was pretty hard to find.  At that point, it became my quest and I found it! 
Waiting in the VERY hard to find spot was a very lonely Gypsy Daisy Duck,
 Magical Minnie Mouse (in a pink dress!!)
 The Great Goofini gave a her a big hug,
danced with her, 
gave her a twirl,
and then took a number of pictures.
 The Amazing Donald was not going to be outdone so he danced with Olivia,
 posed for a bunch of pictures and a hug which I only have blurry pictures of.
 We met Merida
 and finished off the evening with a hug from Duffy Bear.
She also got candy and rode a few rides, but the ride pictures were incredibly blurry.  The entire day was awesome!

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