Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January Clinic Results

Clinic is done FINALLY! We were there forever!
🔸She got her flu shot (which was traumatic), had her yearly labs drawn (which was triply traumatic) and her sputum sample (which respectively was no big deal).
🔸Her BMI was 43% (up from 38%-YAHOO!). She is 43 inches tall and 38.8 lbs.
🔸Her o2 saturation was down a bit at 97%, but that's still good so I'm not complaining. Plus she was chewing gum so she wasn't doing normal breaths.
🔸Her PFT's were very good (FEV1 117%).

We won't know the results from the labs and sputum culture until Friday or next week. They're working on getting us switched over to Cayston instead of TOBI.
Pretty good results so I'm a happy mommy.

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