Thursday, August 14, 2014

July Clinic

At the end of July, Olivia had clinic.  First, here are her stats (April's numbers will be in parentheses):

-Weight is 44.7 lbs (43.3 lbs)
-Height is 46 7/8 inches (46 inches)
-Height/weight ratio 23% (27%)
-O2 Sat 96% (98%)
-FEV1 95% (100%) before Albuterol 102% (103%) after Albuterol
-Sputum culture - NORMAL (YAHOO!!)

So her weight has been issue for a while.  It's not alarming because she is gaining and growing, but she needs to eat more to keep up with the amount of energy she is expending (which is A LOT!).  Her lung function has decreased some.  When listening to her they could hear popping and crackling.  She had a CT scan done in April which showed a lot of mucous and her lower left lobe looks blocked by a plug (which matches what they could hear with the stethoscope).  Her PFT showed improvement in the small airways again after receiving Albuterol.  They have been trying to decide over the last few clinics if she has asthma and they've finally concluded that she does.  We started an allergy inhaler, but I haven't really noticed a difference yet.  Her CT scan also showed minimal bronchiectasis.  It was the normal amount for a CF'er Olivia's age, but still upsetting to hear.  I want her to be the exceptional miracle case, but  I know this is the same for all CF parents.

We have a new genetic counselor, dietician and said goodbye to Mary Lester (Respiratory Therapist Extraordinaire).  She moved to California and we wish her well, but will miss her dearly.  So now it's basically like a whole new clinic (sigh).

Here are a few pictures I snapped that day...

Standard cutie picture

 Mary made Olivia's gown into an 80's dress.
 My girls snuggling after clinic.

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