Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January Clinic

Today was Olivia's quarterly CF Clinic appointment. 

Here are her stats. October's numbers are in parentheses. 
-Weight is 47.9 lbs (45.9 lbs)
-Height is 47 3/4 inches (47 1/8 inches)
-Height/weight ratio 31% (27%)
-O2 Sat 98% (98%)
-FEV1 103% (108%) before Albuterol 103% (119%) after Albuterol
-Sputum culture - Pending

So it was a good clinic. Her weight has been going up steadily each clinic and her lung function has stayed pretty good consistently as well. Since she hasn't cultured pseudomonas since September of 2012, they have taken her off of TOBI. No other medication changes were made.  She had her annual bloodwork drawn and will hear back about that. They have set up appointments for a sleep study (because she doesn't feel rested in the morning) and speech therapy  (because they think it might help with some textural food aversions). We got to meet our new Respiratory Therapist and he seems really nice.

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Yeah for a good clinic visit!