Saturday, December 27, 2008

Big Christmas for Olivia!!!

Chris and I decided to give my mom and brothers the best Christmas present EVER! We agreed that if Olivia, Chris and myself were all feeling well, we would drive from Knoxville to Houston and surprise them on Christmas Eve (day). Olivia got over her illness and then I got over the flu so the plan was on! My wonderful in-laws kept our dog, Orion, for us and the secret of our visit. We left our home at 5:38 pm, dropped Orion off and drove all through the night. After rain, wind, nausea and extreme exhaustion, we pulled into my mom's driveway at 10:30 am (one hour difference from Knoxville). I must say, Olivia was wonderful on the drive there-granted she slept most of the way. Anyway, we were like a S.W.A.T. team getting Olivia out of her carseat and running for the door before mom could see us. We rang the doorbell and she was so confused when she saw us (and then proceeded to scream and cry). Olivia got to meet her uncle, Erin and they got along smashingly well (she had already met Ian)! Of course, we brought most of Olivia's presents so that we could all enjoy her first Christmas. It was great! I have a video of my mom opening the door, but she has forbid me to post it (I might listen-haven't decided yet)...

The only bad part is now Olivia is running a 104.1 fever. She gets sick everytime we take her anywhere so we are in the tiring process of getting her home. She has a doctor's appointment on Monday already, but hopefully she'll be over this by then.

I will post pictures when we get home.

I hope everyone had a magical Christmas!!

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Cindy said...

What a wonderful surprise for your family! I'll keep Olivia in my prayers that she gets better soon!