Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Clinic Update - December

Clinic went well over all. Olivia's weight was a little less than they wanted (Her BMI has dropped from 36% last month to 27%) so they made a very small change to her feeding. One feeding used to have Pedialyte instead of formula and we changed it back to formula. I was curious about the cough she's had since Saturday night and thankfully she coughed for everyone who came into the room. The doctor put her back onto her antibiotic Bactrim (third time now) for 10 days. If her cough isn't gone or getting much better, we're to call and get a prescription for a steroid. We had stopped using the Nasacort everyday and were only using it when the green snot was present and they told us to go back to using it everyday. The last change was to her breathing treatments. When she was in the hospital, they didn't use a mask when giving her Pulmozyme or Saline so we assumed that was okay. The Respiratory Therapist was a little disgruntled to find out they administered it that way and told we had to be using a mask every time.

In the waiting area, they had this really pretty Christmas tree, so we helped ourselves to taking pictures.

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Alicia said...

I find it humorous (and wonderful) that CF Team members are always a little "Momma Bear" like about our children!! She is beautiful! Love the Santa pics-not scared one bit!