Friday, October 23, 2009


Lucy's Mom just asked if I had mentioned what Olivia is going to be for Halloween this year. I would like you all to share in my disappointment-she was going to be Shirley Temple. Can you imagine a more perfect costume for Olivia? I was going to get her one of those giant snail-shell type lollipops. You know, "Good Ship Lollipop", get it?

Alas, I was unable to find a dress so we actually just bought her costume at the store. She will be a lion-she loves to say "Roar!". Oh well, it's just one day...

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Lucy's mom said...

Ahhh! She would have made a perfect Shirley! I used to watch those movies as a child! Love them! I think she'll have a blast being a lion! Too cute...cant wait to see pics of the trick-or-treating! Lucy will be a ladybug this year and she is so excited about it! I am going as a entomologist (bug catcher) dressed in khaki and a HUGE net! Should be fun!