Thursday, March 11, 2010

Olivia's 2nd Birthday Party!

We had Olivia's 2nd birthday party on Saturday. One of our co-worker's wife brought over a miniature horse, Cooper, for all of the children to ride. There were presents, cake and a GREAT time had by all! The cake was made by another co-worker's wife. We're very fortunate to have such wonderful co-workers and friends! If you want to see the entire album, click HERE.

Thank you again to Jeff, Kristin and Gracie Pryor for bringing over Cooper!
Thank you, Melissa Archer, for making the beautiful and wonderfully tasty cake (again)!!


Lucy's mom said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!! It looks like you guys had so much fun! I always wanted a pony at my party when I was a kid. What a lucky girl! :)
It has been a pleasure to be able to watch Olivia grow. Her and Lucy are only 2 months apart in age so we're on the same track for mile stones! Thanks for blogging all about it! :)

Katey said...

What a great idea!!! Looks like all the little girls had fun...I love Olivia's shirt that says: Hug Me!

And I am absolutely in love with that cake :)

Happy (late) Birthday Olivia!