Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Upcoming Bronch #3

Olivia's next bronchoscopy will be Thursday June 24 @ 11 am. This time it will be done as outpatient (woohoo!!) and they are going to wait (4 or 5 days after the bronch) and see what/if anything cultures. If the mucous does culture any mean nasties, then we will go back and have the PICC line placed so she can do 2 weeks of IV antibiotics at home. She hasn't cultured anything from throat swabs in the last year so there's a slight possibilty she won't need antibiotics so keep your fingers crossed!

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Lucy's mom said...

So good to hear about her great clinic visit! I hope everything works out with the bronch and she won't need antis! I'll be thinking of you guys! :)