Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November CF Clinic~

Olivia had CF Clinic today and CF wise it went great.  She did, however, have to have a TON of blood drawn, have a sputum sample taken and get chest x-rays.  She hates these three things....LOATHES!!  It's emotionally exhausting when she has to get these things done because I have to hold her down and she is wailing and looking at you with the look of "why are you helping them do this to me?" Okay, on to the good stuff!

-O2 saturation was 99%
-Her lungs sound great.  Her doctor said he could hear the air getting deep down into each lobe.
-Her respiratory therapist is starting to teach us/Olivia how to do the "huff cough".  After it was explained, I grabbed a mirror and was trying to get her to fog it up and she was doing ok.  Then my brilliant husband asked her to breathe onto the mirror like when we are checking her breath....BINGO!!  He's so smart.
(Note: Some days it takes a little trickery to get her to brush her teeth.  If you have her breathe in your face and then say "Shoooey", she will do it right away.)
-Her height was 89.9 (35.4 inches) cm, which was probably mis-measured because it was less than last clinic.  Her weight was 13.1 kg (29 lbs).  This puts her BMI at.....are you ready?......58%!!!!  This means that she doesn't have clinic for 3 months. 
-Her enzyme will switch from qty. 2 Creon 12 and qty. 1 Creon 6 with everything to qty. 3 Creon 12 - assuming she tolerates it.

So in a nutshell, Olivia totally rocks and we're not doing so shabby taking care of her.

I shall leave you with some pictures of her being a doctor for a doll while at the doctor....


Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Three months! Congratulations. You guys are doing such an awesome job and Olivia is just amazing.

janis said...

Great news!

Katelyn said...

Courtney, that is great news! I'm so glad Olivia is doing so well!

Jade said...

OLIVIA IS SO PRECIOUS!!!!! HAHAHA I love that video of her laughing! ^_^ I pray for her to have a long and happy healthy life. My little angel of a nephew has CF too. Sending you lots of loves and hugs!! XXO