Saturday, February 12, 2011

CF Family Day

Today, Chris and I had a great time at a CF event. It's the first one we've been to (other than Great Strides) and it was a good one. We had two guest speakers, Boomer Esiason and Jerry Cahill. They are both incredibly inspiring, I cried pretty much the entire time and I wasn't alone.

Here's an interesting fact that we were told:
2011 is the first year that there are more adult CF'ers than children.

Keep up the ass kicking excellent work!

Here I am with (54 year old CF'er) Jerry Cahill.

Here is Boomer with Chris and me.


Janis said...

This is AWESOME! God Bless Jerry - I read about him last night and super snaps to Boomer, I read he has raised over 22 million for CF!!!

Katey said...

They both are 2 very inspiring and great people. That is a very interesting fact!