Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Clinic Update - February

Olivia had Clinic this morning which I was very glad about because she has been sick two times in the last two weeks.  Mid January, she caught the basic coughing crud that was going around.  She had the snotty nose and wet, productive cough (her pediatrician put her on an antibiotic just to be safe).  The cough was present until this last Wednesday.  On Friday, Olivia's daycare called to tell us there was a case of RSV in a different room, but the child has a sibling in Livy's class.  She was sick over the weekend and Monday, she went to the pediatrician again.  He tested her for RSV, flu and strep and she was negative for all three but still clearly sick.  Ok, you're up to speed so here's the latest info.

-O2 saturation was 100%.
-Her lungs sound coarse, but pretty clear.  I don't know exactly what that means, but the doctor didn't seemed concerned.  He said they weren't crackling - these are terms that I've never heard in regards to lungs so if anyone can translate, I would appreciate! 
-She has a slight upper respiratory infection and a sinus infection which is causing her eye to get goopy in the corner and red.  He prescribed her Bactrim for 2 weeks.
-Her height was 94.6 (37.2 inches) cm and her weight was 13.1 kg (29 lbs).  So in the last three months she has grown 1.8 inches and gained NO WEIGHT and you know what that means.  Her BMI dropped from 58% to 24%.  Since she has been sick twice in the last two weeks and grew a bunch, I'm not stressing over the tremendous BMI drop.  I just need to get it back up.
-No medication changes were made.
-Not a bad Clinic, but we've had better.

Well, that's all the info I have.  I shall leave you with a hysterical picture Chris took of our string bean while at the hospital today.


janis said...

I think the "crackling" has something to do with pneumonia. At least that is what Dr. B said when Emi had it - he said he heard "crackling" on the left side? Love the pic

Cara said...

Oh. My. Gosh. What picture is too much!