Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hoppin' down the bunny trail...

Easter 2012, Olivia...

Took a silly picture,
Colored Easter eggs,
Got some magic beans left by the Easter bunny,
Planted the beans in the ground,
Made sure they were good to go,
Slept like daddy,
Got some Easter goodies, 
Was totally cute in bunny ears,
Opened some eggs (and had a mommy with crazy hair that was in a wet ponytail all night),
Was OCD about laying out sticker books,
Posed with a cute egg,
Found the lollipops that the magic beans grew into (and was photographed with mommy whose eyes were closed)
Snuggled with daddy,
Kissed daddy's head and played with his ear,
Played with Easter Barbies, 
Ate a chocolate marshmallow Peep (she didn't like it),
Had homemade Bunny Buttermilk Biscuits and gravy,
(Close-up of the yummy biscuits) 
Got dressed all cute (pay no attention to our friendly "Welcome" mat), 
Went for an Easter egg hunt,

Was OCD again, while laying out her findings.

Went for a walk, 

and got a sweet picture from Uncle Erin and Uncle Ian!

She had a great day!

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