Friday, July 20, 2012

Tennessee Visit

At the end of April, Olivia and I went to Cookeville, TN to visit my in-laws. We had such a great time!  We went to Colin's birthday party, celebrated BB's birthday and went to Ella Jane's recital.  I didn't get take pictures at the recital because my iphone was afraid of the dark - so no pictures. On the way back we visited The Bryant's in Maryville, but I apparently didn't take any pictures there either.

Olivia went bowling for the first time (with bumpers) and LOVED it!  
She got to spend time with her beloved cousin, Ella Jane.  

We hung out with aunt Lauren.
We went for walks with BB.
There's a store in Cookeville called The Market.  I looooove this store!! I really liked this painting, but decided I will come up with something using the quote on my own. I will be crafty.
I thought of my darling husband when I saw this...and proceeded to sing the song the rest of the day.
BB took us for mani-pedi's.  It was Olivia's first professional mani-pedi and boy, was she excited.
After the mani-pedi, we went to Miniburger which is like Krystal or White Castle only the burgers don't leaving you burping the rest of the day like Krystal or White Castle can - a major plus in my book.  Chris' grandfather was a truck driver and, whenever the boys would come to visit in Cookeville, Mack would load them up in the truck and take them to Miniburger.  
We walked around stores and Olivia acted like she was sleeping on the beds.
PaPa came in to take us all out to dinner at Crawdaddy's.  I can't remember what I got, but I remember it was delicious.  

Olivia, Colin and BB.
After dinner, we went to the Cookeville Depot and took some pictures and then went to Cream City for the second best ice cream I've ever had.  (Sidenote: The first place ice cream goes to Delights in Champaign-Urbana.  They had French Silk ice cream that was to die for!!)
Here's a picture of Chris's parents when they were younger.
We went to a Chinese restaurant and this was Olivia's fortune (which I kept and have in my wallet).  If you can't read it, it says "You will live a long life and eat many fortune cookies."
We went to Bobby Q's to get some of the spice rub for Chris.  Like many bar-be-cue places, they have pigs all over the place.  This pig is at the front door.  I'm not going to explain what is so WRONG about this pig - you can figure it out.
Here's a close-up to help you out.
Went went to Dogwood Park (or Puppy Park as Olivia called it) and the kids played in the fountain.  Olivia showed us some of her dance moves.

Olivia, Ella Jane and Colin are waiting for the water to crash down on them.
They played with water guns.  DON'T SPRAY MY IPHONE!!!!

Here is Chris's brother, Chad.
After 5 days in Cookeville, we visited the Bryant's where, as I said, I took no pictures for whatever reason. 
We saw Piper Belle and Baret for about an hour before heading home.

It was a great week!!

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