Friday, April 24, 2009

Knitters please?

I was on Knitty and fell in love with this little dress for Olivia. Alas, I am not good at knitting things with multiple colors (unless it's stripes or borders). The pattern is simple and would be a snap for any good knitter, like I said I can't knit a pattern in different colors. I would supply the yarn...does anyone want to knit it for Olivia - size 18-24 months -(for me).

More cute patterns:
Here's a cute cardigan that Olivia would look cute in for the Fall that's WAY out of my league!
Here's an adorable sweater for the Fall with ties in the front.
Here's a cute Tank that has smocking, which is something else I can't do.
Another cute tank that I could actually manage!

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Nana said...

What size?