Friday, April 17, 2009

My Little Cowgirl

I will be making Olivia's Outlaws Great Strides shirts this weekend and even though Angela took beautiful photos of Olivia, they just didn't seem "western" enough. I took these pictures of her last night and think they came out pretty darn cute. Before I get any comments, it is just a cap gun and Chris is holding her on the horse so she won't fall off.

Okay, these are my favorite two pictures.

This is the picture that will be on the shirt. My friend, Janis, will be attempting Photoshop to make the background black and white and Olivia will be left in color. I believe this will be her first "project" in Photoshop, so keep your fingers crossed. She just told me that if any of my wonderful Blog Friends (Christy @ Color Me Healthy - I love you) want to do it for me, have at it!
If you could see her eyes more, this is the one I would use for the shirt. As it is, being from Texas, I LOVE this picture!!


Cindy said...

They are great! I love the last one the most, I think!

Julie said...

Too cute! I also love the third one. Seamus has a cowboy hat from two Halloweens ago that he still wears all over town.

lneal said...

To learn to do that in Photoshop you can go online and look at the "You Suck at Photoshop" tutorial for Paths and Masks. They are hilarious and actually really good!

lneal said...

Ok... I should mention this isn't for someone who has a problem with a little off-color humor though.

Katey said...

I absolutely LOVE LOVE the pictures...and what a creative idea for your Great Strides Team name!!!!