Monday, January 3, 2011

Pottery Painting

The same day that we rode the train and saw Tangled, we also went to Liz Moz Pottery.  The girls got to paint two ornaments each.  I'm sure they will be master works of art.  We will find out Friday after the ornaments have been baked.

First, we take the first color and smear...
 Then we take the next color....
 and, oh so, carefully...
 smear right over the first color.
 Courtney (the other one) is helping Piper make a fingerprint snowflake.
 Still making the snowflake.
 And finishing up the snowflake.
 Look at this pretty color!
 I think it would look beautiful on your sweater!
 Ok, I won't paint on you.  I will continue smearing and painting this lovely creation!
 Watch, mommy.  This is how you properly smear....
 Mommy, you're funny if you think you can paint better than me. 
 Because I am THE BESTEST!
 We got to paint!  We got to paint!!
Yes, but look at my pretty doll.
I see your pretty doll, but WE GOT TO PAINT!!! 
Piper, I had so much fun!
The End!

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Gemma said...

Love the pictures and captions! She's such a pretty girl. Eager to see the finished result :) x