Monday, January 17, 2011

Visit from Uncle Ian and Monito!

My brother, Ian, came to Knoxville this past weekend.  We weren't able to go out and do much since Olivia was coming down with something, but we still had a good time hanging out around the house!  We rented Vampires Suck and sucked.  It was humorous how it made fun of Twilight pretty darn perfect, but it was still on the lame side.  Ian also learned how a toddler wants to watch the same thing over and over and over and over.  I think I have watched (or listened to) Despicable Me around 40 times.  Anyway, I wasn't able to get many pictures but here are the few that were taken.

I'm not sure why the camera focused on the trees behind us....

Here we are with Monito, Ian's world-traveling stuffed monkey, and "Doggy", the cute bear-dog-cat stuffed animal thing that Ian bought Olivia while in Tokyo.  I thought it was a bear, Olivia says its a dog and my mom said today that she thought it was a cat.  Whatever it is, Its super cute and super cuddly.

I will get better pictures of "Doggy" and you can help me figure out what it is....besides adorable.

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