Thursday, September 1, 2011

August Clinic

Olivia had clinic yesterday and here are her findings:
-O2 saturation was 98%.  I'm pretty sure she would've gotten a higher number if she would have stopped holding her breath.
-Her lungs sound good and clear.
-Her height was 97.4 cm (38.3 inches) and her weight was 14.9 kg (33 lbs). She had a growth spurt, but her weight kept up so her BMI went from 33% to 36%!!  YAY!!  Happy Dance in the Neal House!
-No medication changes were made.

It was a very uneventful clinic.  I like uneventful!


Sandy said...

Congrats on the great weight gain! She is so cute. Sandy

Anonymous said...

Aunt Wendy, WShat a beautiful little girl who gets prettier and prettier in each picture. Beautiful job on the website. LOVB her hair!!!!
So glad how well she is doing!