Friday, September 2, 2011

Where did my baby go?

I've heard parents say it time and time again - "It goes so fast!  She'll be grown in the blink of an eye".  I'm not a fool, I believed them, but until you become a parent you don't truly understand. Then you do, and boy, do you!  The proof is in the pudding pictures.

September 2008 (6 months old)
 September 2009 (1 and half years old)
 Prepare yourself for a HUGE jump!! The change here was so astounding that I'm showing multiple pictures.

September 2010 (2 and a half years old)

Present day
September (well, most are August) 2011 (3 and a half years old) 
 (Folly Beach, SC)
 (Folly Beach, SC)
 ("Helping" wash cars)
(This morning)

Can I call a time out for a little bit?

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