Monday, September 19, 2011

Fun in Sun

We spent a lot of time Folly Beach this past summer (in Charleston, SC) since we are moving there and Olivia LOVES the beach so much.  Here are some pictures from our July 2011.  I realize that was a few months ago, but it's ok. 

The month started off with mommy having her gall bladder removed.  I will spare you from seeing pictures of the incisions. 

Running on the beach
 Hugging and loving on Monito

 Hanging out with Uncle Ian by some cannon balls.
 Sweating our arses off.  She didn't seem to care.
 Kisses for daddy
 She kept insisting that the statue was mommy...
Beach bum... (get it? bum...cause it's get it.)
 The Little(r) Mermaid (compliments of Uncle Ian)

 It was hot.  H O T !!!

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