Monday, October 27, 2008


There aren't any open slots for her to ger her PICC line today so we are here, at least, one more day. We are waiting for her Pulmonologist to come and talk to us.

For those of you wondering why they can't do the PICC line and bronchoscopy in the same procedure or one thw same day, here's your answer. With her being so little, young and never had a PICC line before, they wanted to do her PICC in a separate procedure in Radiology. They would inject and isotope to "map" her veins and the PICC line nurse would know exactly where to go. This would eliminate the chances af having to try multiple times. The line will start right below or above her elbow travel up and around her shoulder and stop just above her heart, so it's quite long. She can have the line placed while she's getting her bronchoscopy, but as I said they might have to try a couple of times and each time they have to try they lose that vein. We were given the choice and chose two separate procedures to make sure everything would be great with the line since it wiill be in for two weeks.

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michael said...

Just setting here eating my santa fe chicken and rice:) I hope you two know how much Lacy and I prey for that precious little angel and for you both to keep your sanity thru all of this. Jackson's birthday is today and I realise that I am blessed as any parent does but I don't have to tell you that. No matter how many hospital visits there are she is such a blessing and when we are all old and rolling around in our hoverounds she'll be bringing us our meds;) If you need anything you have our numbers ok.

Mr Lotter