Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trip to the ER

Olivia woke up this morning/night at midnight screaming (not crying), which obviously startled us! She had a fever, but she would,.t keep her arm down for us to get an accurate temperature and we really didn't feel like taking her temperature rectally. She took Tylenol every 4-5 to try to bring her temperature down. After taking her last dose at 2 pm, her temperature had reached 103.1 (this time taken rectally to get an accurate core temperature). The on call doctor told us we needed to bring her to the ER again. We got to the ER and the took a bunch of blood, put her on an IV and took x-rays. The bloodwork came back fine, her temperature finally started to drop, but her X-rays showed a slightly cloudly patch in the right middle lobe of her lungs. So we are now checked into the hospital for 24-48 hours and then she will possibly be on an IV for 2 weeks. I will keep you posted.

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SarahJean said...

I love your pictures... What an angel... It is hard for me to believe that they are already PICCing her... Things have changed SO MUCH from when I was little... I wonder sometimes if the doctors aren't too quick to give us antibiotics... (Please remember I am NOT a doctor, though have lived with CF for 32 years... YAY!!)I think our bodies need to be able to get a little sick so we can still fight off those bugs!!
Thank you for sharing your life with us... I am not a real blogger, but have found myself lost in "blogland tonight" reading stories of inspiration...
If you need anything please contact me... that is what we are here for...