Wednesday, October 15, 2008

RSV shot

Olivia got her first RSV shot today ( Needless to say, she REALLY didn't like it. They had to split her dose into two needles so two nurses came in and stuck both legs simultaneously while mommy held her down. She screamed and screamed for about a minute and then she was calm. She gets her next shot on November 12 (same day as her next clinic). Poor little tooter also has to get the second half of her Flu booster on Friday, so she'll be unhappy again then.

Quick note, we have to pay $30 every shot (once a month for 6 months) as our copay. If insurance didn't cover the shots, each shot would be $800-$1000!!

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Cara said...

Poor baby! Shots are never any fun!

I found your blog through my analytics, so I just wanted to say hi! Olivia is a doll!