Saturday, January 3, 2009

Evil Salmonella Poisoning!

After a week of off-and-on fever, horrible diarrhea (smell/appearance/quantity), vomiting for one very long night and not being able to feed her for TWO DAYS, Olivia is back to her normal wonderful self. She is still having the bowel issues, which according to the Department of Health could take MONTHS to go back to normal. She ended up testing positive for salmonella poisoning and we will never know exactly how she got it, but it's over (knock on/touch wood).


Christy said...

So glad Olivia is back to her normal self. I have always been so fearful of salmonella poisoning! I'm happy it didn't take her months to get over it.

Nana said...

YEAHHHH - Olivia not sick - pictures again and the horse looks neat

Julie said...

I'm glad Olivia is feeling better.