Monday, January 12, 2009

This past weekend...

Olivia, for whatever reason, did not sleep well any night last week. I'm not sure what was the cause, but Friday night when she started tossing and whimpering Mommy decided they needed some decent night sleep. I did something I NEVER do, I let her sleep in bed with us. Daddy and Olivia got a good night sleep, but I learned that Olivia tosses, turns and kicks ALL NIGHT LONG!! So instead of hearing small movements and little whimperover the monitor, I spent the entire night getting kicked and treated like some sort of springboard. When I woke up, Chris informed me that the backlight was out on our laptop. We decided on Sunday that we would just get a new computer since the laptop was 5 years old. First we went to Circuit City and almost bought an HP desktop, but we decided to see what Best Buy had to offer. They had the same HP (and would match CC's price), but they also now carry Apples. I wondered if I could talk Chris into changing operating systems....(MWAHAHAHA). So now we have an iMAC!! I'm so excited and can't wait to play tonight. Ok, so I need to backtrack a little. On Saturday, we were heading out to run some errands and were sitting at an intersection when Olivia started coughing. Chris was looking at her refelction off the "baby mirror" in the rearview to make sure she was ok when she vomited (not spit up - full on barf). I scrambled back there and was quickly grabbing anything I could to mop it up when she vomited again. It was everywhere!! So we got home as quickly as we could and scratched the idea of running errands. She had no fever and after a bath was all better. No clue what happened. Sunday, Olivia was doing great. We were heading home from buying the computer and she started coughing again. So again Chris was watching her in the rear view to make sure she was ok and, that's right, she vomited again. So again, we got her home, took her temperature (no fever), gave her another bathe, hosed down the car seat and base and washed anything that could go in the washing machine. She was fine again after vomiting. We increased her Creon 5 and the doctor told us to up her Miralax until her system adjusts and I guess we need to add more Miralax because she isn't pooping near as much as normal. The only thing we can figure is that she's constipated and the food doesn't have any room to digest. Obviously, we aren't doctors, but her doctor told me to keep her near diarrhea for the first few days and I totally didn't do that! Bad mommy. It's now Tuesday and she hasn't thrown up since Sunday, but she still hasn't gone to the bathroom much either. Hopefully her tummy will get all squared away soon.

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