Tuesday, January 13, 2009



Her nurse practitioner called yesterday to go over some info with me and told me that Olivia's cultures grew nothing, but they would probably check her sputum at her monthly clinic for the next couple of months. I'm so happy she won't have to be bronched or have to deal with the PICC line for a little while longer.

Some of the stuff that she went over with me were my own issues. One such issue, I told her I didn't want them to dread hearing me on the voicemail (because I call for everything) to which she responded very simply, "Does it matter?" I said, "well...not really". She told me if they have a problem with me calling, that's THEIR problem. I need to be their "second brain" since they have 130-150 patients and I have one Olivia. I really LOVE our team. They are always so patient with me and all my questions. Her nurse specialist (I'm not saying names because I don't know if it's allowed) came and helped us look at day cares before I went back to work to help us decide which would be best for our daughter. She's come out to teach daycare how to do Olivia's Xopenex treatments (with the Aerochamber) and CPT and she's coming out again to teach them how to use the nebulizer. They are so helpful and I must say, we are so fortunate live so close to her CF Center (only 20 minutes from home). ETCH Pediatric Pulmonology, YOU ROCK!!!



Lil' Chris' Mom said...

Wow, I wish our CF clinic was that close. Ours is 45-60 min away:(

Don't worry about asking questions. Our CF Clinic told us from day 1 that there are no stupid questions, and to call any time for anything. That's what they are their for:)

Julie said...

Great news on the culture and Lil' Chris' Mom is right, there are no stupid questions. And if you don't get an answer, keep asking until you do.

How's the pooping going?

Piglet's Mommy said...

I just called daycare and she's pooped 3 times today. Hopefully, we can get her all cleaned out!