Thursday, February 19, 2009

Any info about E. Coli?

I called Clinic to find out if Olivia's sputum sample (taken on 2/4) had grown any pseudomonas and it did not. They said the reason that they hadn't called was the one of her doctors has Olivia's chart on his desk - not something I wanted to hear. She didn't grow any pseudomonas, but it's the second time now that she has grown E. Coli. He will be calling before the end of the week so I guess it's nothing urgent or serious. I am still a little unnerved because everything I've looked at on the "evil internet" has said that E. Coli can cause pneumonia and that's all I'm finding. Olivia has been on Augmentin since February 11, so I'm hoping that would maybe kill off the E. Coli.

Does anyone have any info about what this might mean? What could E. Coli cause/lead to? Do I need to be worried?

I just want the doctor to call me and fill me in.

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