Thursday, February 5, 2009

CF Clinic - February

Olivia had her monthly Clinic and Synagis shot yesterday. Everyone always stops in to see her when she's there and loves on her for a little. Yesterday, they all came in commenting on how they couldn't believe that she's almost a year old - I can't either! Anyway, back to the results. The said her lungs sounded good. There was no change to her medications. They told us to discuss planning her next bronch to be done during the summer that way when she starts school her yearly bronch appointment will not interfere. She is on track pyshically (furniture walking, speed-crawling, sippy cup, "talking", etc.). Lastly we met with her dietictian which is usually the longest part of her appointment because we are always having problems with her weight. She says we can start giving Olivia more table foods and using some spices/seasonings to make her more interested in her food. She is starting to get very resistant to vegetables and so we are going to try "overcooked" vegetables (carrots, potatoes, green beans, etc.). She still has no teeth, so we have to make sure the consistency is good. She loves to self-feed with the Graduates Puffs and I just started giving her the turkey meat sticks (cut into small pieces), but now I have ideas for vegetables! At her December Clinic, they had switched her formula from Alimentum to Nutren Junior, but I couldn't get the prescription filled anywhere (since she doesn't have a GI tube). I looked into Pediasure and saw that it was the same basic nutritional info as the Nutren Junior, so I decided to switch her to that. Her height was 29 inches (70th percentile) and her weight was 19 lbs 15 oz. (50th percentile) which got her BMI to 40%!!! They were very happy with her progress and told us to keep up the good work! Very good Clinic for Olivia!!!! I have some cute pictures and videos to post when I get home!

Did you guys have problems with your child(ren) eating vegetables (and sometimes fruit)? What did you guys do for vegetables/fruits when your kids started with table food? I think it's a texture/independence thing.


Lil' Chris' Mom said...

Glad to hear you had a good visit! Loved the pics and videos. I really like your "Current Meds" on the side. I think all us CF moms and CFer's should put that on our blogs!! It's a great idea!!

Julie said...

Great news at her clinic appointment! 40% is awesome.

We actually had the opposite problem. When Seamus was little he would eat anything, all kinds of fruits and vegs. Not it's impossible to get him to eat any. As long as she's still on formula and taking her vitamins, she's probably covered but I know how frustrating it is. Maybe veggies with thicker consistency like mashed potatoes or whipped squash might work?

Cara said...

Hooray for a good clinic visit! 40% is amazing and it sounds like she is doing fabulous! Give her a big hug for me. :)

The Smithson Family said...

That is awesome about her BMI! I know she is a couple months older than Lainey, but it sounds like she is eating more solids than Lainey. Our CF doctors told us not to feed Lainey any foods until she finishes her 30 oz. of 30 calorie Alimentum for the day! This is horrible because she would rather eat rice and fruit baby food! They say baby food doesn't have enough calories, even when we add oil! We also tried Pediasure...Lainey hated it! Hopefully we will be able to get her weight up so she can eat solids like Olivia. Good luck with the foods...I would love to know what works for you so that I can try the same with Lainey.
It is always such a wonderful feeling when you leave the CF Clinic with good reports! Yea!


Katey said...

My mom had a hard time getting me to eat fruits and vegetables...and unfortunately, didn't push now I hardly eat either one...only one or two fruits and one or two vegetables. I wish I liked more...but don't. For me it was a texture thing.