Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm having a poopy day!

Here's how my day has gone up until 8 am.

I made the horrible mistake this morning of wanting to take a shower before work so I toddler-proofed the area so that I didn't have to worry. I closed the baby-gate on the stairs and closed all the bedrooms doors so she could only go into her room and the bathroom where I was showering. I put a towel on the ground by tub to catch all the water when Olivia inevitably opens the curtain to see what mommy is doing (remember the days of privacy....long gone). I also weighted the toilet seat down so she couldn't get into that either and I was feeling pretty smart. So I'm taking my shower and am all sudsed up, Olivia keeps checking on me and Orion (our dog) is following her around. Then I hear her slip on something, fall and cry - not a real hurt cry, more of a "mommy, I want you to pity me" cry. So I look to see what she could have possibly slipped on...Oh dear God! Some poop has come out of her diaper and fallen on the ground causing her slip and now she's taken a few steps with her poo-covered feet. So I turn off the shower, wrap my soapy self with a towel and put the dog on the other side of the gate so he doesn't eat the poo (causing me to hurl) or roll in the poo (causing me to be late to work because I would have to bathe him). I changed Olivia's diaper, wash Olivia's feet and legs and then proceeded to clean the floor with Chris's towel since it was right there (love you, babe). Thankfully, the poo didn't get onto the grout so it was an easy clean up.

When I got to work and grabbed my lunch bag, I noticed it felt a little weird. I looked and saw that my container of milk (18 ounces) had come open and dumped out into the bag. While washing everything of and being grumpy that I now have no lunch because milky-Chinese food is not an appetizing thought for me, I pulled out my completely milk-logged glasses case - which turned out to be the only casualty. I don't know how they fold those carry-out containers, but it is the most liquid-tight fold I have ever seen! No milk made it in! So the day - for me - is not a complete loss.

Poopy News for other family members...

Uncle Ian - His dog has had a stroke in it's spine causing it to be basically paralyzed in his back legs and tail. He was robbed yesterday. He was out with a friend and received a call to come home because someone had broken in a stole his mattress and box spring (a little cumbersome to steal in my opinoin), computer and some kitchen stuff - including a monkey shaped cookie jar.

Chris - He left for Richmond, VA yesterday morning at 6:15 am (meaning he had to leave the house at a very early 4:50 - yuck!). He had to fly from Knoxville to Newark and arrived at 8:12 am. His flight was supposed to leave Newark at 12:40 (4.5 hour layover - BORING) only to have the incoming aircraft run late causing them to push away at 2:03 and then have TWO storms blow in causing him to take off at 4:00 pm. So he had to sit in the plane on the runway for 2 hours. This is why this morning sucked for me because he wasn't there to help with Olivia and this is also the first night we've been apart since Olivia was born.


Katey said...

I'll be praying your day goes MUCH MUCH better!!!

Julie said...

That is pretty crappy. Sorry, hope it gets better and Chris gets home soon.