Friday, July 24, 2009

New daycare

Added to the stress of yesterday's "Prescription Joy", Chris and I turned our 2 week notice into daycare this morning. It has been a very difiicult choice that we have been struggling with for quite some time. Olivia will be moving to a new daycare that is small and on our way to work (like her current daycare). Some of the benefits of this new daycare are:
  • Currently the same price, but in a few months will be cheaper.
  • She can attend until age 12, where she's going now is only up to age 5.
  • Home-cooked meals - the day we went they were having homemade cornbread, applesauce and navy beans with ham chunks - yummy!
  • She will sleep on a cot elevated 2 inches off the ground so she will be away from germies.
  • They kind of specialize in special needs children.

There are a few more things we really like about the new place, but it was still a very hard choice. You have to see how happy Olivia gets when we pull into the parking lot. She knows where she's at and is happy and comfortable there. Her teachers have taken great care of her and love her very much. Two of them participated in the Great Strides Walk with our team and hopefully will in future years! They have been the only people, other than family, to take care of our child for the last year and turning that letter in was hard. I just hope that Olivia loves her new daycare as much as she has loved going to the Knoxville Center for Early Education!

Thank you all for taking such great care of our little girl!


Stephanie Fiebke said...

I am sooo sad, I cried when I found out! We will all miss Olivia dearly, and she has been SUCH a joy to have! Thank you for blessing us with her, I hope all goes well at her new daycare:)
<3 Mrs. Stephanie

Lauren said...

It's always hard to make those decisions, but sometimes you just have to do what you feel is right for your child. We did that with Ella Jane and it was truly the best thing we could have done because she needed the more individual attention for her development. :) I wish you all the best!