Monday, July 6, 2009

The Outstanding Oscillating Olivia~

I love at the end of this where she sounds like a'll see what I mean.


Katelyn said...

Yes! The video AND pictures! She is so stinkin' cute. I love how she made goat noises. When I first got my vest 9 years ago my sister and I would wear it and see who could sound the most ridiculous.

She's adorable.

Katelyn said...

And... I can't get over how little her vest is. :)

WeldrBrat said...

She is just too funny! But she's even more adorable! She seems to like it and doesn't give you any grief over it. How lucky is that!! LOL I just hope it gives all of you great comfort!

Janis said...

Sweet baby girl! Em is sitting here with me and asked me "baby olibeah going in a rocket ship"?!?