Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sometimes you just wanna play with your camera

These were taken in July. I'm still cleaning up my picture files.  

 I have these incredibly cool 3D tiles by Harmony Kingdom from the Picturesque Collection.  You put  20 tiles together to form a picture.  The set I have is Wimberley Tales.  

 On the lookout...

 Pinwheel, pinwheel, spinning around.  Look at my pinwheel and see what I've found.
 She loves ballet, snow and snowglobes.  Looks like Aunt Wendy hit a home run!

 Handy Manny helps Oscar with his new smoothie shop.  That Handy Manny is one helpful guy.


 Hamming it up
 I'm flashing forward to teenage years...
I know I'm her mom, but I find her breathtaking.

 I love her.

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