Sunday, October 14, 2012

Watch your thumbs!

I signed Olivia up for one of the Build and Grow projects at Lowe's.  She built a...Ghoul Bus.

She is armed and ready! 
 All the pieces laid out.
 Ready to begin destruction construction.
 A rare sight...Chris is reading instructions.
 Watch out!!
 Crazed Carpenter!!
 A job well done!!
 And now, its my turn to help with the stickers. Not a great idea for someone OCD.  
 I will not put the stickers on by myself.
 I will refrain.  It's her project.
 Oh, look.  She's doing an AWESOME job!!
 I guess the OCD tendencies run in the family.
 Good job, Olivia!!
 She was so proud!

 And we were so proud of her!
 The completed Ghoul Bus and patch for her apron. 

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