Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Last month Uncle Ian and Monito came to town

Ian did something that few others do.  He took a picture of Olivia..and me!

Uncle Ian taught Olivia how to open peanut shells.
Then they exchanged kissies. 

Then he helped her eat an enormous ice cream.  (Gotta get the calories in wherever we can) 
She modeled her Rapunzel dress for Monito and Uncle Ian 
 She showed off her ballet moves.
 We paused to do treatment.
We went to, you guessed it, THE BEACH!

She tried to make a sand castle in the super powdery sand.

The sand castle was a no-go, so she roared like a lion.
We got a shout out to Patrick Durnin (Cara's hubster) on a restaurant wall. 
Olivia shook a tail feather.
She got tired after all the castle-making, lion-roaring and dancing and insisted that I carry her. 
We went into Charleston and ate at the Noisy Oyster. 

Then we went for a carriage ride. 
Olivia pet the carriage horses. 
We checked out the miniature horses.  I know my friend, Mike Lotter, would have been jealous. 
Olivia showed off her ability to fit in tiny places. 

It was so nice to see Ian again.  Olivia loved having her uncle her and Ian got some child exposure which is good since he has a baby boy coming into the world at the end of June.  We can't wait to meet little Andrew!!!

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Ian Ackerman said...

Love that little girl! :)