Saturday, March 17, 2012

Playhouse Princess

I don't know if you have heard of Lalaloopsy, but it's all the rage in the Neal household.  Olivia loves them.  I think the button eyes remind her of Coraline, which is still one of her favorite movies.  Anyway, she got the playhouse and on a VERY windy day she played and played.

 I don't know if the baby is about to get fed, changed or operated on.
 I see the patient is doing well and is able to tolerate solid food.
 Olivia is swinging her other baby in the swing.  I think she was running a daycare or something because she kept taking role.
 It's Chucky time!  So creepy.  I kept waiting for the head to keep turning.  
Each Lalaloopsy doll comes with a "pet" (along with a name, birthday and what fabric they were created from).  I don't think the pets have names.  We are creative.  This is.....zebra.  
 She's quite the little caretaker.

She's taking measurements for drapes.  She does love to accessorize. 

  She's probably bossing the doll around.  "You will eat your dead grass."
 It's Lalaloopsy.  It's Lalaloopsy.
 Gag me. Like, ohmyod. I would not be caught dead wearing that. (She says with a disinterested valley girl voice.)
 This is Splatter Splash Dot.  Hey, I don't name 'em.

Making up another dead grass and weed flower salad. 
 ooooooh.  Mommy is getting artsy fartsy.

 There's my little teenager again.  "Whatever, mom."

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