Friday, March 23, 2012

Olivia's 4th Birthday!!

On March 10th, Olivia turned four years old.  FOUR!!!  I can not believe she is 4 already!!!  She was still in my belly just yesterday.  Anyway, she had clinic on February 29th (which will be my next blog post) and her Respiratory Therapist, Mary Lester, asked what we had planned.  We didn't have a party planned because we have had a chance to meet many people so we were just going to visit the aquarium (Olivia's request).  Mary told us that she's friends with a woman who works there and would give her my information.  A few days later, I was contacted by Keisha Legerton who wanted to make Olivia's birthday special.  I didn't get the okay from Mary or Keisha to use their names, but I have to give both of them huge props for making the day great!  Keisha gave us complimentary tickets and I mentioned that we were going to invite our friends (Pedro, Johanie and Jorianys) over after the aquarium to grill out.  She came passes to them as well and that's just where it started.  So here's how Olivia spent her 4th birthday...

She wanted to open her presents from us and family before heading out.  The gift photos turned out blurry, but I had to include this one of her and daddy being silly.
 Our aquarium has an albino alligator named Alabaster that Olivia has been really looking forward to seeing.
 We thought about heading to Beijing for the day, but it was too far.
 Daddy and Olivia
 Mommy and Olivia
 Olivia and I were acting like we were showering.
 Birthday girl (in another Punky Brewster-esque outfit)!!
 A nice passerby took our picture.  It's so nice when people offer to do that.
 Olivia and Jorianys.  Olivia LOVES Jorianys!!!
 There's hair in my mouth!
 Cutie Pie!
 When we got inside, I stopped by the information desk (as instructed by Keisha) and they were like, "OH!!  We've been waiting for you!"  We were a little late for when we planned to arrive because the traffic in Charleston SUCKS!!!  Moving on...Megan came out with a four year old Kestrel to wish Olivia a "Happy Birthday".

 We were then directed to the Great Ocean Tank for a feeding show.

They went through how the divers feed the different sea creatures and kids came down to help demonstrate.  Olivia and Jorianys were the shark and fishy.  When Olivia got down there, the educator and diver wished Olivia a happy birthday.
That's sure what it feels like sometimes.
Captain Olivia says, "All hands on deck, ye scurvy sea dogs!"
 Safety first!
 Some of the cutest sharks I've ever seen.
 A Bald Eagle.  Kind of makes you want to sing the "Star Bangled Banner" or say the Pledge of Allegiance.  No??  Oh, it must just be me.
 They brought out a baby alligator to pet...
 ...and a boa constrictor...

 ...and starfish...
 ...and urchin.
 Fun! Fun! Fun!!!

Chris and the girls
Mommy, Olivia, Jorianys, Johanie and Pedrito (making his debut April 6th).
 Pedro decided to "man up" and come in where the mean old scary birds are to bring some shrimp to the girls so they could feed the rays.  Sorry Pedro...had to pick on you one more time.
 They told us to stop back by the information desk on our way out.  When we were leaving we stopped by and they gave Olivia a gift bag FULL of stuff!!  They gave her a stuffed bald eagle, a book, a dolphin straw, wind-up orca water toy, sunglasses, hat, t-shirt and travel mug.  We were blown away by the kindness they showed Olivia!  I can not say enough wonderful things about all of the aquarium staff!!
I made some ocean themed cupcakes for her birthday.  I know they aren't the most spectacular looking things, but they were enjoyed!
I spent WAY too much time spooning in the batter that I colored different shades of blue to look like the ocean, but Olivia (and Chris) thought it was awesome so I suppose it was time well spent. 
We ended up having a VERY impromptu birthday party for Olivia and some of Chris's (and now Olivia and my friends) came over with their children and we all had a great time eating, talking and playing.  We were thankful for everyone's help with making the day great.

~We love you~
Happy Birthday, Olivia!

Did you know that an alligator can hold it's breath for 45 minutes?  Or that a sea turtle's heart beats once every nine minutes and they hold their breath for 4-5 hours? 

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