Saturday, March 17, 2012

My happy girl

Here are some pictures I took and three Olivia took.  Olivia looks like Punky Brewster with her super bright outfit.
I know her eyes are closed, but I still love this picture.

I liked the pattern the waves made in the sand.

Shadows holding hands

I love how happy she is here.
And here.

She warms my heart when she smiles and laughs.

Olivia, the photographer.

Okay, back to me.  She wanted to get in the water so we compromised and I let her stand in the little pool that was toasty.

Under the pier

It's almost like the Sea of Tranquility...except it's an ocean and not on the moon.


heidi allen said...

beautiful Courtney... love the photos and your words.

Anonymous said...

That outfit is so colorful that I start smiling every time I look at Livy. But then I always smile when I look at Livy Nana