Monday, June 22, 2009

Bad start to the week~

We had a nice day yesterday for Father's Day, but at toward the end of the day Olivia was starting to run a slight fever. I don't know what her fever actually was because we just got a new ear thermometer so we don't have to take it rectally anymore (I don't find the axillary to take a true or consistent temperature) and one ear gave me a reading of 96.8 and the other ear gave me 100.8 so who knows what it actually was. Her skin was quite warm to the touch and her cheeks were flushed so we gave her some Motrin. This morning she still felt a little warm so we gave her some Tylenol just to be safe. Olivia went to go find a private space to do her business and she started making pushing sounds and this went on for 5-10 minutes (compared to the normal 2 minutes). I checked her diaper and there was nothing in it and then she started screaming. I carried her around trying to calm her down (to no avail) and then decided to check her diaper again. This time when I checked, she had a prolapsed rectum which she hasn't had in a VERY long time. We drove to daycare hoping she would stop screaming/crying and decided as soon as we walked in that we couldn't leave her in that state because she was obviously in pain. Chris is at home with her right and she has finally passed a little of the poo, but the consistancy was totally normal. I just talked to Clinic and they want her at the ER because they don't want her to damage anything inside. Her rectum is no longer prolapsed, but the fact that she is still screaming, they just want to be sure.

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Katey said...

I'm so sorry. I'm praying everything is ok. Please keep us updated!