Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Olivia has been transitioning to the "Petite Panda" room (for kids around 12 months old) at daycare. The transition doesn't begin always exactly at one year because they have to wait for a space to open up. She is just about done transitioning and only spends about one hour in the "Precious Panda" room per day.

Yesterday, she only napped for a very interrupted hour (compared to her normal deep hour and a half to two hour nap). They explained that in the Petite Panda room the children nap on mats, not in cribs, which is what she always naps in at home. I know this sounds totally silly because I realize that she will not always be in a crib, but I can't believe it's already happening!! She's my little baby and now she naps on a mat. She is so sweet at this age (most of the time) and I don't want this time to pass to quickly. I know everyone tells you that your children grow quickly, but you can't comprehend until you're living it.

Also, everyday we get some bit of artwork that she has...um...created for us and I must say that even though they are extremely, shall we say, abstract, I love them and can't wait to hang a few. I will try to scan a few later and add them to this post.


Katey said...

Olivia is becoming such a big girl....she is so precious though!!! Good luck with all the transitioning!

CFMama said...

Wow,I can't believe they are napping on mats so young. I completely understand how tough it is to see your little one grow so quickly. I don't even realize how much has changed until I look back through photographs and videos.

Can't wait to see some artwork!

Lucy's mom said...

It is RIDICULOUS how fast they grow. I cherish every moment!

How did you pick a daycare that was right for Olivia? Are they good about giving enzymes before eating and everything? I need to get Lucy into some kind of daycare/preschool setting. I have been holding out and only working VERY part-time so that I can stay home with her but I really want to pick up more hours at work and go back to school. It makes me very nervous!