Monday, June 1, 2009

Fun with the Percussor Cup

And this is what happens when you dare to take the cup away...Behold the Kraken!


Kellee said...


M to this day has his original cup!
And we still to this day use it!
And Im pretty sure I would get the same result if I took it away lol!

CFMama said...

TOO CUTE! Nathan is obsessed with his percussor cups as well but we use a modified baby air mask. I like your percussor cup!! Haha, that is not a pickup line.

Kelly said...

She's so precious!!!!! If I hadn't just changed up the Laurel clip a bit, I'd be asking if we could use some of these pictures at the store!!

Your little Olivia sure is adorable!! Thanks again for letting us use the pictures of her at briar.claire!!!!