Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I have a question for my fellow CF Mommies.

I was wondering how many of my fellow mommies that gave birth to a CF'er with a meconium ileus were diagnosed with polyhydramnios (increase in amniotic fluid) or gained A LOT of weight while pregnant

Also, those that had to have the ileosotomy, did the baby come on the due date or late?


Julie said...

Not me, but I did develop Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy from my liver producing too much bile which "carries an increased risk of premature labor, fetal and maternal hemorrhaging, fetal distress, and most importantly, stillbirth (intrauterine death of baby)." It actually ended up being a good thing because Seamus was delivered at 37 weeks before his MI got too bad. I really think my body knew Seamus was in trouble so it started reacting so we could get him out of there.

Anonymous said...

I had it severe!!! They took a little over 6 liters of fluid off of me during my pregnancy, and then ended up with an emergency c-section because the fluid built up and it was no longer safe.

Lucy's mom said...

My pregnancy was wonderful until the last 2 weeks. I was extremely swollen and "water logged" and I was leaking green fluid. Eww!! The first ultrasound showed that the fluid around Lucy was low (opposite of polyhydramnios). They didn't think it was low enough for any alarm and the next ultrasound came out fine. My overall weight gain was normal.

Lucy was born 4 days after her due date, which I consider perfectly normal. The first "alarm" that went off was the meconium when my water finally broke at 9cm. She did not have to have an ileosotomy but it did take her 23 days to fully recover and take her home.

Lucy's intestines were not just blocked with meconium but completly fused together in multiple places so the surgeon had to basically cut and paste it back together. They suggested that the meconium blockage had happened very early on in the pregnancy and the intestines fused due to the lack of use.

Sorry to write a novel here! LOL...
Hope it helps! ~Kacie

Anonymous said...

My story is very similar to Lucy's mom; however, when I went to the doctor to have it checked, nobody seemed concerned -- I had similar leakage. I went into labor early --- about 35-36 weeks and when I kept calling the hospital, they told me it was too early, so I finally showed up and they kept me. When they broke my water it was tinged green and when he delivered the NICU suctioned out a TON of greenish amniotic fluid from his lungs and stomach. Bleah.

His MI surgery was very complex -- blockage, voluvus, necrotized tissue, twisting... He didn't need an ostomy though, as they managed to repair everything with the one surgery.

mom to a 6 year old wcf

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

I had Lil' Chris 1 week early due to my water breaking. It was...lets say "of color" not to be too gross;-) LOL
The dr. suctioned out his lungs when he was born, but that was it. No other problems. My pregnancy went great the whole time.

Lovin Lane said...

Well Lane is my only CF baby, and my only baby born early... He came at 37 weeks, after days of labor, and yes my water was a pretty color of poo, who knew the poo would start that day lol... Lane was a little stressed.. Weight, now that is funny, I gained a ton, of course the polite nurse literally asked me "Have you heard of subway" (we live in a small town) my response after i got over the shock was "well of course, my problem is I eat the whole footlong instead of the six inch..." so yes I gained alot lol..